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Healthy Hustle

May 7, 2020

Today we’re going to go over a tried and true method of building clientele. Many coaches have questions about how to find clients, and what to pitch to them. During this quarantine, they are having a hard time converting their services. Guess
what? Your ideal client is too!

This episode, I pull out a tried and true method I learned from my real-estate days and give you advice on how to build your business and help those around you too. Remember, you can go beyond the “funnel” and Facebook ads. Sometimes finding a client, is like looking in your own back yard.

Enjoy the show!

I speak about:

[01:36] Downloading the challenge and looking out for my upcoming workshop.
[02:43] Think Local “looking in your backyard” for clients.
[07:00] Basic business practices of building the trust factor.
[08:00] Sample Pitch from my past.
[12:50] Struggles I’ve helped coach people through.



“People buy people (relationships), not products” - Rachel
“Look in your backyard” - Rachel 


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