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Healthy Hustle

May 14, 2020

As health and wellness authorities, when it comes to positive mindset and affirmations for health, most of us run a pretty tight ship. However, when it comes to our businesses it can be a different story entirely⁠—With all the moving parts that come along with starting or growing a business, things can get rocky. And it’s no surprise that it’s in those moments that we need that success mindset more than ever.

Building Rachel’s wellness came with its own struggles. Sacrificing time to grow my business, all while struggling with autoimmune issues of my own required some deep digging but I found the grit and perseverance I needed to succeed. It all started to align after I said screw it and came face to face with my anxiety. 

We’ll take a deep dive into what goes into creating the programs and pricing needed to grow your health or wellness business. More importantly though, we’ll jump into how you can start to hone in on your mindset and motivators behind it all. Find a way to stay in touch with your story, spend more time talking directly to your niche and find the tools to make it all happen.

Enjoy the show!

I speak about:

[02:05] Our mindset and soul, bleeds into our business
[06:31] I wanted to quit 80,000 times, but I didn't
[09:43] Mindset and alignment through the daily work
[24:01] The Word Challenge
[36:54] What it takes to succeed



“We have completely missed. The whole part of what I call real soulful sales because we've skipped so much over onto this platform and these pure all ways of doing business. But that's not business. Business is understanding. It's empathy, it's soulful, it's, it's beautiful divine communication. So it's a very conversation.” - Rachel

“I am the person who can change my mindset.” - Rachel 


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